Everything is Blue again!

Little Blue summer 2014

Spring is here, and Little Blue is busy serving up frozen fun near and far!

Do you know Little Blue?

Over the past few years, we have had a blast driving around to your neighborhoods, pools, businesses, parties, churches, day care centers, camps, games, concerts, offices, and fundraisers. Every event has been fun – both large and small. Thank you for inviting us!

We are still happy to offer the largest selection of frozen treats (along with drinks and snacks) of any ice cream truck around. Our concessions management program has been a perfect fit for a few great partners.

We are proud to offer a clean, fun, friendly, and safe experience to all of the young and young at heart in East Cobb (and even fun trips beyond). We especially enjoy serving some of the little ones who are visiting the ice cream truck for the very first time!

We are super pumped to donate back the largest percentages around for non-profit fundraisers and concessions. We continue to partner with PTA’s, sports teams, and churches to raise money for their groups, just like we do with pools, HOA’s, and others during summer. We have written checks for thousands of dollars to these non-profits, and we are on track to do so much more!

We are busy booking for spring and summer events. (PTA, we are looking at you! Churches, teams, and school groups: it is never too early to book the perfect fundraising add-on to your car wash! Have Little Blue drop by your pool’s end of school party! Preschools and day cares: book your ice cream days to take place before noon for a discount! Now, that is both sweet and cool!) Write us at events@heylittleblue.com or call 770.289.7011 to find out if we are available to come by for your event!

By the way, Little Blue is a super-sweet 1975 Chevy P10 Step-Van, with a 292L6/TH350, plus a few modifications here and there. (For those of you who were wondering.)

Ice Cream For All